Our Story


about us

TrueBru didn’t start as just a business; it was born out of a love for brewing. 

The idea for TrueBru came about when a prominent company in the Milwaukee area closed its doors on retail sales. The founders recognized a need for a home-brew supply store that not only provided top-notch ingredients and equipment, but also allowed for a sense of community and knowledge sharing. 


Meet the founders:


A few years under his belt brewing classic German styles, Ales, and NEIPA’s. 
Explorium’s Lost in the Sauce series of beers were of his creation.

Tyler has brewed on your classic burner and cooler setup, a professional system, and now brews on an Anvil Foundry at home. He is a home-brew hacker. He has put together some pretty awesome tricks to add to his brewing toolbox. Ask away, he can come up with a solution for just about anything.

Favorite Brewery:
Tree House Brewing Company
Favorite Beer:
New Glarus: Two Women

meet the founders:


Has brewed every style under the sun, and a few that cross the lines on style.
Your resident home-brewing guru. He loves questions, especially the challenging ones. It is rare to stump him. 

Ryan has brewed on Kettle and Cooler, Brew-In-A-Bag, Two-Vessel RIMS, Three-Vessel RIMS, Three-Vessel HERMS, Three-Vessel Direct Fire, and Professional Systems at multiple local breweries. 

Favorite Brewery:
Vitamin Sea Brewing
Favorite Beer:
“There are so many; why choose just one?”



From the early stages of planning, fellow brewers, friends, and mentors have backed us with their expertise, advice, and enthusiasm.

TrueBru is a product of collaboration, and a testament to the power of a community united by a common love for brewing.


We envision an expanded space that accommodates not just a diverse range of brewing supplies but also a bustling community area for workshops, tastings, and events. TrueBru aims to be the go-to destination for brewers seeking not only the finest ingredients but also a vibrant community that shares their passion.

At TrueBru, we’re not just selling homebrew supplies; we’re cultivating a culture of creativity, collaboration, and, most importantly, a love for home-brewing.

Join us in this exciting journey, and let’s craft something amazing, together!